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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We say - They say

We say: God created this world for our enjoyment. Otherwise, God will not create this material world.

They say: If this world is created for our enjoyment, then why are there so many problems in this world?

We say: There are so many problems today because  we all want to be masters. If in an office, everyone is the CEO, will there be order? Similarly in the material world, everyone wants to be the master and enjoy here, hence there is disagreement between people leading to quarrel and fight from individual level to global level.

They say: Why then is there disease, old age and death if God created this world for our enjoyment?

We say: Because our original position is spirit souls (atma) and our real home is in Vaikunta or spiritual world, the only way we will realize this truth is when there is temporariness built within this material world. That temporariness will eventually lead to frustration thus provoking the individual atma to seek for a permanent position - that is - Vaikunta. That provoking factor is old age, disease and death.

Hare Krishna

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