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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Two verses characterizing the Gita and Kurukshetra battle

The Bhagavad Gita opens with a question by Dhritrashtra. His opening question is an indication of a veiled doubt - assembled in the battlefield to fight what happened between his children and Pandu's children? His question was laced with doubt filled with anxiety. He knew deep inside, however, his sons' will lose. He wanted Sanjaya to allay his anxiety.

Sanjaya in the last and final verse of the Gita does the opposite. He answers Dhritrashtra's question unequivocally by saying that your sons' will not win because wherever there is Krishna with His pure devotee Arjuna, there is surely to be victory, opulence and moral justice. I think Sanjaya's final answer put to rest in a poetic yet definitive manner any optimism on the part of Dhritrishra had towards his sons.

As an outsider, simply studying these two verses symbolize the characters involved in the Gita and sets the stage and outcome of the Kurukshetra battle respectively.

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