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Monday, June 1, 2015

Everyone is searching after Krishna

Everyone is searching after Krishna either directly or indirectly. Krishna means all-attractive and hence we are attracted. In the Standard English dictionary, Krishna is defined as a Hindu God or a mythological person. But when seers of non-dual truth talk about Krishna, they do not refer to Krishna as a Hindu God. Therefore, in essence, there are two Krishnas, (1) Krishna as seen by mundane vision through scripture, popular media and/or modern day guru/scholars (2) Krishna as seen through spiritual vision by pure lovers of God. The second Krishna is the real Krishna. The first one is a shadow. It is this second Krishna that seers of truth claim as the Universal Truth (not Hindu God). It is this second Krishna that permeates all time, all space and all beings and unto this second Krishna that all beings are directly or indirectly searching. Devotees directly summon the mercy of the Lord but non-devotees summon the energy of the Lord.

Krishna has multifarious energies or shaktis. When people search for mundane opulence in the form of money, fame, popularity, family, pleasure, pain, beauty, intelligence, food, piety etc etc, they are indirectly searching for Krishna through His energy. Because the mundane opulence which is an energy of Krishna derives its attractiveness from the attractiveness of Krishna. So actually it is the attractiveness of Krishna that is perceived within this world and that everyone is attracted to, and eventually searching after.

Why not just directly be attracted to Krishna?

Hare Krishna

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