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Friday, July 31, 2015

all animals deserve to live - not just cecil!

I am surprised at how people are reacting to one dentist killing one lion. Yet, every year, in the US alone more than 150 million cows and pigs are slaughtered. Apparently, these people who cry wolf don't care about Rosy the cow and Honky the pig (I made those names up).

I understand that lion's are endangered species (at least this is my thought), still people's reaction on social media is that lion's deserve to live and not killed. Why they do not extend this idea to a cow, pig, chicken etc. This is yet another symptom of kali where hypocrisy rules.

People think while a lion deserves to live, a cow or pig can be slaughtered for selfish reasons. This sort of mentality is the reason why we engage in constant quarrel and fight (another symptom of kali). Cecil deserves to live and so do all other cows, pigs, chickens, aquatics etc.

Why is there such discrimination and hypocrisy!

Hare Krishna

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