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Thursday, July 9, 2015

culture of vilification

We live in a culture of vilification where if someone commits a mistake or even a crime, even a bad one, by publicizing and putting that person to shame and throwing harsh words at that person kills any chance of that person to repent and change. No one is immune to mistakes. We all can succumb to temptations and make poor choices in life. No one is out of it. Therefore till we become perfect, it is improper for us to judge others no matter how bad the mistake may be. We should let the authorities and experts deal with the criminal or misdemeanor. But today we live in such a fault finding culture that the media feeds on this tendency like vultures. That is why all we see in the news is negative news, such negativity is everywhere and the media is cashing on it.

We live in a culture of cynicism, fault finding and intense doubt. How can anyone be happy in this negative culture? A bad person or criminal is never given a chance to repent and change due to media character assassination (vilification). Whatever happened to cast the sin and not the sinner! Therefore we have to be careful to not fall into the trap of finding fault with these people. Rather we should pray to Krishna (or at least stay neutral). My basic point is we should let the experts deal with misdemeanor or bad behavior and not allow such negative stories hamper our consciousness.

Hare Krishna

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