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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Competition among devotees

As long as we are in the world, there will be competition. Even if we choose not to compete, people will compete against you. With this competitive mentality, we enter the environment of devotees and perform services like preaching, kirtan etc. Some do well and some do not. Those who do well, if they have this competitive pride, they will feel proud and those devotees who do not do well, if they have the same pride, they feel inferior and less worthy (viz. inferiority complex).

How to get over this sense of inferiority complex?

  1. We should not first compare ourselves with other devotees.
  2. Other devotees who do well in their services, we feel happy for them that Krishna has empowered them to do so much and in that way we honor them.
  3. But when other devotees compare, we take that comparison as an inspiration to reach our best but not in a competitive way to do better than the other.
  4. In all of this, we try to do our best and appreciate that Krishna has given me the ability to do even this small service. 
  5. Ultimately, Krishna is attracted to a devotee who wants to serve the great and not want to be great himself. Since Krishna is the greatest great, we want to serve Him and serve His great devotees.
It reminds me of the story where when Hanumanji asked the spider to step aside as he was doing big service in constructing the bridge by throwing boulders onto the sea and the spider was rolling dust towards the sea. Seeing Hanumanji's attitude of service, Lord Rama responded saying that for Him both services are equal since both are doing to their capacity.

Therefore, the moral of the story is we do not compare ourselves with anyone and simply we go deeper in our service to cultivate a mood of humility and respect others in that process without pride or competition.

Hare Krishna

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