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Monday, April 18, 2016

The illusion of knowing Krishna

Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that He is covered by His internal potency and He purposefully covers Himself. He says He knows all beings past, present and future but Him no one knows. These are significant statements because as devotees we can be complacent sometimes especially those who are in the movement for long years. Familiarity breeds contempt! So our familiarity with Krishna, His Holy Names and pastimes can lead us to a familiar area of territory thus making us complacent towards Krishna and His devotees. We can notice that in ourselves if we are honest. When we listen to lectures, we know the story and so our mind wanders. This is a sign of familiarity. When we listen to the Holy Name, mind wanders, again a sign of familiarity. Therefore, unless we are attentive to our inattentiveness and address this issue of familiarity which will eventually lead to contempt, we can really not understand Krishna.

Let the distracting mind of mine always take shelter of the divine Lotus Feet of the Lord at all trials and tribulations big or small of my life.

Hare Krishna.

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