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Thursday, May 11, 2017


In my last post, I mentioned saralata or simplicity as a key ingredient for surrender. Another ingredient is akinchanatvam, meaning "not interested in things other than service to Krishna". For example, Hanumanji had mystical powers (material powers), He had immense strength and I believe He could have single handedly defeated Ravana. These siddhis could be considered extraneous but because He used it in the service of Lord Ram, His powers were not kinchana, but rather akinchana. So akinchantatvam necessarily does not mean material poverty but the inner desire to not possess anything for one's own pleasure but only for the pleasure of the Lord. Vibhishan, Prahlad, Dhruva,Yudhistira etc all were powerful material married kings with family possessing lot of wealth and power and fame. Because they employed their kinchana properties in bhakti, they could approach akinchana gochara Lord Sri Ram or Sri Krishna. Therefore akinchanatvam is a key ingredient in surrender to Swayam Bhagavan!

Hare Krishna

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