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Monday, May 22, 2017

One liners...

  1. What is Faith? - Faith means unflinching trust in something sublime. 
  2. What is Self-realization? - Self realization means understanding Kṛṣṇa and one's eternal relationship with Him.
  3. What is Yoga?  - Yoga means to concentrate the mind upon the Supreme by controlling the ever-disturbing senses.
  4. What is Krishna consciousness? - Krsna Consciousness means an art of focusing one's attention on Supreme Godhead and Giving one's Love to him.
  5. What is Sannyasa? - Real sannyāsa-yoga or bhakti means that one should know his constitutional position as the living entity, and act accordingly.
  6. What is Knowledge? - Knowledge means knowing the distinction between spirit and matter.
  7. What is silence? - Silence does not mean that one should not speak; silence means that one should not speak nonsense.
  8. What is Renunciation? - Real renunciation means that one should always think himself part and parcel of the Supreme Lord.
  9. What is Liberation? - Liberation means freedom from the cycle of reactionary work.
  10. What is Humility? - Humility means that one should not be anxious to have the satisfaction of being honored by others.
  11. What is Nonviolence? - Nonviolence means not to put others into distress.
  12. What is Tolerance? - Tolerance means that one should be practiced to bear insult and dishonor from others.
  13. What is Simplicity? - Simplicity means that without diplomacy one should be so straightforward that he can disclose the real truth even to an enemy.
  14. What is Steadiness? - Steadiness means that one should be very determined to make progress in spiritual life.
  15. What is False ego? -  False ego means accepting this body as oneself.

- One line definitions extracted from Srila Prabhupada's books

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