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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Bionic hand

The i-limb hand It came in at 14th place in the Time Magazine poll, beating competition from the likes of the latest Mars Rover, designed to explore the red planet.

The prosthetic hand took more than 20 years to develop and has five separately working fingers, each powered by its own motor.

This makes it more versatile than previous hands, which have often been hook-like and limited to simple opening and closing movements.

The i-limb has a much wider range of capabilities. It has a credit-card grip, for taking hold of narrow objects, and a power hold for larger objects such as mugs.

It is made of high-strength plastics, and the fingers can easily be unscrewed from the hand, making it easy to service.

Other prosthetic hands have to be removed entirely if they break – meaning amputees are sometimes left for weeks without a hand while they wait for a repair. - The Sun

The invention took 20 years and is only minimally versatile. We already have a hand created by Nature (God’s nature) that is flexible and perfect. Why can’t we give God the credit as Srila Prabhupada once said that God should get the Noble prize.

No…we will not, humans are too proud, we will either outright reject His authority or fight in His name like a fool!

Hare Krishna

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