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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who is the True God?

Question: Who is the True God?

The whole universe and all that is in it is being created by one Supreme Power -God. That would mean all human beings are also created by God. Why do humans have different beliefs? Christians declare the Bible as truth and worship one creator in trinity forms. Hindus declare so many Gods & demigods (all creations of God). Muslims say Allah, Asians Buddha and so on. What do you think is the truth? Who is the true God? And why are human beings running after religion rather than God?

Answer: There is No Question of Which God

Because God is one religion must also be one. It cannot be two, three, four, five, six, seven, etc. as we now see it manifested on the planet. The idea of a multiplicity of religions is bogus. It means that they do not understand religion. Religion is one, to become a pure lover of God. Since God is unlimited He also has unlimited names such as Krishna, Allah, Jehovah, etc.

Anyone that claims that God has only one name is limiting God. In other words they are trying to play God themselves. So it is high time that we stop trying to play God by trying to limit Him to one name.

We must understand that anyone who sincerely approaches God with humble loving devotion is a first-class devotee. It does not matter whether they address the Supreme Person as Krishna, Narayana, Rama, Jehovah, or Allah. What matters it that we must see that they have become saintly in character. A truly religious person would not maintain his body by the slaughter of innocent animals, nor would he condone the murder of babies within the womb. Saintly behavior is the determining factor regarding who is actually religious and who is not, not what sect they belong to. Religion cannot be divided into sects. There are no sects in the spiritual world. Everyone there is simply a lover of God.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari

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