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Monday, November 10, 2008

Gift of human beings

The sign of intelligence is simply one thing – the ability to question?

Let us play with some fundamental questions and assumptions

If there is cold…there has to be heat.
If there is darkness…there has to be light.
If there is poverty…there has to be richness.
If there is an up…there has to be a down


If there is a temporary nature…there has to be a permanent nature.

Therefore, if death is certain, it means my existence is temporary. Based on the above common sense argument, then there should be a permanent existence just as there is temporary existence and how does this reconcile with our daily lives as we experience it.

In this sense, if we search out the truth in earnest, rest assured, we will find it.

So an intelligent person (not necessarily a man with a Phd) with some common sense has to accept Krishna Conscious philosophy simply because it is based on universal principles applicable to all and not on sectarian dogma!

Please question…it is the gift for human beings and not for animals!

Hare Krishna

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