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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Person beyond the Post

President’s Day was celebrated this week. I am not sure about the significance of the day but I am assuming it deals with celebrating the Presidents of USA. When we celebrate President’s day, are we remembering Obama as the President as he is the current President or remembering the post regardless of who the President is or simultaneously remembering both? I am guessing the different Presidents are remembered and the impact they had on public policy and international relations that come with the post. Either way, there are two distinct features. One is the person and the other is the post (ignoring the person).

If we extend this logic, when religion talks about God, is it talking about God the person or the post of God? In other words, normally world religions portray God as Omnipotent, Omniscient, Just, All Powerful etc etc. Omnipotency, Omniscience etc are functions of God. They give us little information about God per se. They do not tell me who God is? Because Religions do not explain about God the Person beyond its post, there is either a speculative and sentimental approach to Godhead or an impersonal/atheistic approach to Godhead. People in general do not know why to go to the sacred place of worship. Should I worship for my daily needs or worship because it is my tradition? Therefore people who are self-sufficient and less tradition sensitive care less about understanding God. The scientists and rationalists go one step further and declare there is no God beyond natural laws. Can you blame them especially if the places of worship don’t offer anything beyond the job duties of God?

In Krishna Conscious philosophy, we fix that void. God has many names and the most apt name is Krishna because Krishna means the “all attractive”. Krishna or God is blackish blue in color and always youthful around the age of 16. He never gets older than that. He has a flute, a peacock feather on His head and ever-fresh beautiful garland embracing his neck and chest. He especially loves His cows. He has many friends. He likes food stuff mostly made from milk products such as milk, yogurt, ghee etc He always roams about the forests of Vrindavan with His cows and friends from sunrise to sunset. He like us has likes and dislikes. He likes His devotees and dislikes people who criticize His devotees. These are some of the qualities of the person God. When we approach God the person beyond the post, there is a desire to engage in a relationship. When this relationship is on the pure spiritual platform far from material qualities, we are immediately transported to the spiritual world where our relationship is eternally facilitated. This relationship is exchanged in a loving mood of devotion towards one another. You love God as much as God loves you. This is all possible only if we approach the person God beyond the post. This Krishna Conscious philosophy is the only philosophy, I dare say, on this planet nay the entire creation that can facilitate and fructify this relationship.

Because one of the natures of God is absoluteness, all His personality and qualities are included within His names as well. Hence by chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare without offense, we can reestablish our lost relationship with the person God beyond His post.

To all the Obama fans, will it not be fun to know the person Obama versus just the President Obama?

Please chant and personalize with God!

Hare Krishna

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