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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The spider that lived?

I always had issues with the theory of evolution even before my Krishna Conscious days. It never quite made sense to me in my head right from my seventh grade. How come the fittest survive and evolve yet the unfitted also survive but do not evolve? If both are living anyways, why isn’t the next generation species seen as species that are just new and not that which evolved from an older generation? Unless one can actually simulate one generation evolving into another in a controlled environment or observe evolution in a natural setting, there is no way to decisively prove a new mutant generation evolving from its parent species. This is how my novice science brain thinks. Please tell me if there is any fool proof alternate method to prove this evolutionary chain.

I am no evolutionary biologist but I still think to map out the multitude of flora and fauna species as all coming from a common source is an improbable task from a statistical standpoint and from a common sense standpoint. This is science, no doubt but it fails the standards set even by the scientific community. A scientific standard or theory or model based on hard facts that should be measured, re-measured and predicted.

There is something there but surely not enough to say we all come from a primordial extraterrestrial soup. That theory is floating as a suggested fact just seems outrageous.

We have heard this phrase “padam padam yat vipadam na tesam”, that there is danger at every step. Normally, animals can sense natural dangers more than a human. Again, this is just my observation. So if an insect dies without the body deteriorating means it must have died instantaneously without its own knowledge (danger at every step part).

Anyways, I read this article where the scientists have found the fossil of a full bodied spider delicately preserved by mother nature. The spider fossil is seemingly 165 million years old. Scientists guess volcanic ash might be the killer.

What caught my attention was this statement “E. gertschi shows all the features of the modern members of the family, found in North America, suggesting it has evolved very little since the Jurassic period”.

Either that or the story of evolution is simply that - a story? This spider looks just like the spiders we see today without evolving for 165 millions years (quite some time)

Hare Krishna

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