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Monday, October 11, 2010

random chance and the Supersoul

Modern day science is based on evidence followed by rigorous tested research. The research, then, is reviewed for quality till it is finally published. Research is operationalized through statistical testing and modeling. This is true for most research if not all. Therefore statistical modeling occupies the most significant aspect in modern science and in fact determines the quality of the findings and evidence.

Statistics, at the fundamental level, tries to average out data and report trends etc. In one sense, statistics completely negates the concept of the supersoul. What we call “directive action” conducted by supersoul is called “random action” directed by chance or freak of nature. The unknown that the scientists cannot explain is easily “covered” up as chance or random. This unexplained mystery called “chance” or “random” event underlines all major theories of modern science from the Big Bang to quantum science. The universe just after the big bang explosion randomly combined to form heavy metals from gas form. Another example, through random mutation over time what was soup become cellular organism which later evolved into human beings. In quantum physics particles at the sub-atomic level randomly position itself in relation to the nuclei that can be measured only in clouds called the theory of uncertainty. So like this, the fundamental assertions of modern science of origins, life and creation are filled with stories that are founded on chance occurrences and random variations.

The vedic science, however, completely rejects such an idea. That which is taken seriously as knowledge- random chance-among modern scientists is actually seen as ignorance among the vedic seers. The Bhagavad Gita clearly indicates the position of the supersoul in relation to practical affairs. Nothing is random or by chance. The supersoul directs all actions, origins, life and creation. All good and bad things happening are grandly orchestrated by the supersoul. The supersoul cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is located in the region of the heart within every living entity (fauna and flora alike). The supersoul can be seen through yoga and meditation. The supersoul or Paramatma in sanskrit has blue color body with four arms, bedecked with jewels in His crown, chest. He has flower garland over His neck and different paraphernalia in all His four arms - as described by yogis and pure devotees who have seen Him. Realizing and seeing the supersoul is a goal of life for some. But for others, serving the supersoul in devotion is the goal.

That supersoul who is present in all beings within this creation is called Krishna. If we can understand who Krishna is in truth, then, we can be happy in all conditions of existential life. That is also my goal – to know and understand Krishna in truth and ultimately be happy in all conditions of life.

Hare Krishna

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