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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Meal always happy!

Any difference between the two pictures...visibly NO!

This is a project done by a person for art. She bought a McDonalds Happy Meal and kept it on her kitchen counter for 6 months. She found no visible decomposition. The first picture was taken on the day of purchase and the second after 6months.

Even the micro fungi and bacteria molds reject eating McDonalds type fast-food garbage. Normally fresh foods go stale with blue and green molds growing on it if not consumed within 3 to 5 days what to speak of 180? I am simply amazed how a human can gorge on this what is called as "food". Basically, eating in McDonalds means we lower our standards below micro-organisms. Imagine how long this will sit in the intestine. No wonder meat eaters have a high probability of colon cancer.

In the name of advancement and civilization, we kill animals and consume their flesh when there is ample vegetables, grains and fruits to eat. A civilization cannot sustain on bloodshed, eventually, everything will come falling down.

This happy meal is always happy!

Hare Krishna

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