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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Modern science and scientists are frantically trying to answer “everything” through one theory. But modern science defines a thing as that which can be measured and tested otherwise it is an anomaly. Essentially "everything" deals with only the seen, touched, smelled or heard directly or indirectly through gadgets. It does not account for the unseen, unheard, and unfelt. Then, how can science call it “everything”. Shouldn’t it be more like “something” or “everything measurable”. Anyways…this is the sheer arrogance upon which scientists and modern science operates.

My point is, there are many “things” even modern scientists acknowledge as “existing” but “not explainable”. This conclusion, they come to, is based on modern scientific testing methods. So by their own standards, they accept that everything cannot be known. For example, below is an excerpt from two physicists on potential paranormal behavior that they are not able to explain through conventional wisdom.

While measuring sound levels, they noticed that, although no sound was heard, their monitor showed a huge deflection, so they concluded that there must have been direct pressure on the crystal in the microphone. They speculated that a similar invisible force could be acting on the pen of the Unireg [electrical instrument showing voltage fluctuations] itself, causing the unnatural loops directly, independently of the electrical current. They speculated further: the same force could be acting on the tiny springs inside the telephone, bypassing the dial. It was active only for short periods, its nature was complex and it was not electrodynamic. Known physics could not explain it”.

There are tonnes of unexplained phenomenon or unknowns similar to this that can never be explained. To propose one theory, then, essentially means to redefine how science fundamentally operates. They should seriously study things that cannot be seen, heard, smelled or felt if they want to find one supertheory to explain everything.

True & superior knowledge, therefore, includes the known (that which can be measured) and the unknown (which cannot be measured). Modern science fails in the unknown and hence inferior knowledge. It cannot comprehensively explain so many crucial aspects of life such as near-death experience, past life memories, alien life forms, science of astrology, dreams, creation of the Universe, creation of Life, ghosts to name a few. They put all this in one big bucket and call it “paranormal” like it is some sort of stepchild to mainstream knowledge.

Even if scientists try to explain things using mainstream logic, to hide their ignorance, they simply call all events either “mental concoction” or “random events”. This type of simplistic explanation and dismissal actually reveals their ignorance about “everything”.

However, all this can be explained if we understand the fundamental aphorism of Vedic science. Vedic science tells us that the gross external body is simply a covering. The real person is a spirit (soul) and made of spiritual qualities (not material). Vedic science defines this “spirit” as “life”. Modern science defines combination of chemicals (anatomy and physiology) as life. These two definitions are diametrically opposite with each other. Because modern science defines chemicals as life, they are not able to account for freaks of nature such as past-life memories or ghosts etc.

Vedic science goes on to explain that this “spirit” or “life” is unique and individualistic. In other words, every atomic spirit has a character and forms the personality of the person. The spirit also cannot be cut, burnt or withered by water. It is transcendental to material designations such as heat, cold, and other physical properties. Just as in this planet, the “spirit” occupies the fish body and is able to live in water according to the environment as opposed to a spirit in human body who cannot live in water; similarly, the “spirit” takes a physical form suiting its environment. By this logic, there can be life forms in all planets depending on the environmental condition. Because spirit is not the body it occupies, sometimes, the spirit can remember the previous bodies it occupied in the past, and this remembrance can explain past-life memories. Also, it can explain the concept of ghosts as spirits wander without physical bodies.

Vedic science explains that “spirit” (aka life) is superior to matter (aka material body) because the body is temporary and inert where as the spirit is unchanging and full of life. Just as in the physical sense, we have a government with one leader; similarly, in the spiritual realm we have a government and a Supreme leader. This explains the concept of astrology, creation of the universe and existence of life. This one Supreme spiritual leader is called “God” by different religions.

The concept of the soul is all-pervading and present everywhere. The soul is guided and directed by one supersoul. Vedic science calls this supersoul “Krishna”. To conclude, if we know the soul, supersoul Krishna and their mutual relationship, we essentially have a “supertheory” that can potentially explain everything.

Hare Krishna

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