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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

HG Nitai Das prabhu will be dearly missed!

With great sadness and heaviness in my heart, I want to bid farewell to my beloved godbrother HG Nitai Das prabhu. He just died in a vehicle accident on Jan 31 2012.

I first met him in 2008 24 hour Kirtan festival in New Vrindavan and ever since our friendship extended. Although my personal association was limited to few meetings, still I considered him a good friend and godbrother. Both and I and my wife will dearly miss him. More than me, my wife is upset because of his departure. The last we saw him was in november 2011 just 2 months before the fatal day. He drove cross-country and came to our house and stayed overnight with us.

It was the month of Damodar. We talked till 2.00am in the morning and he was showing all his photos on Burning Man and his different experiences there. I was thinking one day may be I can travel with him to Burning Man. We also offered Damodar lamps and sang Damodarashtakam together to our deities. It was a pleasure to have him in our house. The night Nitai prabhu came to my house, I asked him about how his driving especially as it was late. He assured me he drives safe and he said "many devotees have left their bodies in car accidents". His tone implied that it is such a waste to die in such a fashion. The irony is he passed away in a similar fashion.

With sadness in my heart, he will be missed dearly. More than me I think his close friends, and family will be grieving. I sincerely pray that the Lord takes Him to His abode.

My heartfelt condolences to his wife and family and friends.

He is relatively a young man. If anything, from this death, we have to learn that this world is temporary and we may die at any moment. This message rings in my head loud and clear. I pray that the Supreme Lord gives me the proper consciousness when I depart from this world.

Good luck prabhu!! We will miss you!!

Hare Krishna

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