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Monday, February 20, 2012

Servitorship v lordship

There is a fundamental difference in the way Christians and Krishna Conscious adherents see this world. This difference is attributed, I think partly to the way the religion is taught in churches and temples although I am not exactly sure to the reference in the Christian Bible.

The modern day Christians practice their faith with the belief that the earth and its resources (including plants and animals etc) are meant for the enjoyment of man. That man should be a steward over the planet’s resources. This dominion or right of stewardship gives the rights to man to enjoy this world. In one sense, this is actually true. God created the planet in response to the desires of the living entity. Krishna consciousness defines living being as the spirit soul (not the outer gross body). This mood of stewardship increases the anthropocentric way of life thus eventually leading to lordship and not servitorship (or mood of service). Meat eating is supported by the church based on this logic, that animals are meant for man's use (even as food).

On the contrary, in Krishna consciousness, the planet and resources are created for man’s welfare but the rights to enjoy those resources are first dedicated to God and then man can enjoy those resources as the mercy of God. In other words, man recognizes that all resources are created by God and hence God is the rightful owner. The individual is not. In that sense, the individual is simply a care-taker and not owner. In the role of care-taker of God’s property, he is entitled to enjoy but as an offering from God. This mentality therefore is based on servitorship of God’s property versus Lordship.

Cultivating servitorship or mood of service towards God and all of His creation including the plants, animals and inanimate things will invoke love and respect towards all beings and ultimately result in love for the creator – the Almighty God. Anything other than servitorship will lead to exploitation and abuse which we are witnessing today.

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