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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Making propoganda

Our purpose in Krishna Consciousness is to make propaganda. People can call it proselytizing, evangelizing, brain washing, converting etc etc. It does not matter. People who are interested in the propaganda can benefit and people who are not can go their way. How are we so different from modern day marketing folks? The marketing department is also a propaganda industry and in today’s corporate environment occupies a significant position. No matter how good a product one has, if it is not marketed properly or if it does not have good propaganda material, then the product fails. The whole idea of branding, and design is based on this concept.

Advertisements we see on TV or news papers proclaim their products to be the best and say they are always one up better than their competitor. In fact, advertisements criticize the competitor’s product and glorify their own. This is also true for presidential campaign ads. We will find lot of critical remarks about the opponents. Similarly, in Krishna consciousness, to advertise spiritual life we criticize the competitor – material life. What is wrong? Besides, the mere aspect of public display of God is considered a social taboo today, why? Many times I have heard people say that Religion & God is a private thing, do not interfere. But advertisement for a viagra pill is not private? In fact people shop for sex enhancing drugs and look forward to the advertisements.

So it does not matter, propaganda is essential for the spiritual well being of the society. However, at this juncture I would like to make a point. The difference between corporate propaganda and spiritual is that in spiritual propaganda there is no selfish motive. It is purely to help others. Therefore it is very important that whoever is doing God propaganda should be free of material vices such as intoxication, meat eating, illicit sex and gambling plus they should be engaged in positive service towards God such as chanting and meditation. Otherwise propaganda of God will become selfish and will not have the desired impact. Purity is the force.

Hare Krishna

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