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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just hang in there...Krishna will come to the party

This material world is very unforgiving. It can be ruthless and merciless. We can get beat down and depressed as a result. So we seek relief and solace. In Krishna consciousness we are to follow rules and regulations and at times that can also be stressful as we may not be "perfect". If we are not spiritually evolved, this situation can be overwhelming and overall depressing. We would be lucky to have a crying shoulder in a friend who would not judge us but will be ready to help and guide us. Many times that friend may also not be there. We will be alone not able to grapple material problems and not able to comprehend the higher plans of Krishna.

My motto in such a situation is - just hang in there. Do not over analyze the situation. This is a good time to actually implement what Krishna says without much analytical reasoning and logic (perhaps blindly) after all not much hope there is. If anything we need to remember at these trying times, it should be the sixty sixth verse from chapter eighteen of Bhagavat Gita. Just surrender unto Me giving up all duties are His (Krishna's) words. So...we will do that. In other words we will simply hang in there (tolerance and patience) with the problem not fighting it and just pray to Krishna for help. More than we may think we will feel relief.

So people...just hang in there and Krishna will come to the party.

Hare Krishna


Sundar said...

Thank you for sharing your nice realization - Just keep trying or hang in. One devotee said - Krishna is only a thought away. but unless one is trained, that is difficult also. but as you said if one just sincerely tries to hang in, Krishna will come as He promises! Thank you Prabhu.

ananda said...

Thank you prabhu. Hare Krishna