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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vulnerable yet Almighty!

When we define God with precision, we can be labeled fanatics because in precision there is no doubt or haziness. Although God is infinite still He can be precisely explained as if He is finite and because finite is a material quality, materialistic religionists negate finiteness. In that negation, they are but left with infiniteness. Because infiniteness is beyond human conception, God who is infinite is also beyond human conception and as a result a question can be raised as to how can one be precise about God who is infinite and beyond human conception?  So modern day religion simply operates on the platform of belief. For a simple minded person this is ok but today we live in a world of gadgetry, experience and doubt. In other words without direct evidence to something transcendent, religion is seen as primitive and less intelligible. 

The only way to reverse the primitive attitude towards religion is to portray God in a precise manner. To portray God as someone who is actively part of our daily life and that disobeying His laws can cause unintended consequences. A sense of realism can be injected into the psyche of modern man when God is shown as someone who is real, and tangible. All of this can happen when God is defined with precision, that He is blackish blue in color with a peacock feather. He never gets old always sixteen. He has many friends, girlfriends, parents, has pets etc etc He likes things offered to Him when it is fresh and clean. He does not like when people criticize, find fault and fight with each other. In this way God can be defined precisely. When people see God as one of them, they will take Him seriously. 

As far as my limited knowledge goes, only Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam explains God in a precise and detailed manner. I do not think there is any scripture in this world that defines God as precisely as these two books do. This was one simple reason I myself adopted a spiritual way of life. Because when God is portrayed precisely, He becomes endearing to our hearts. 

Who can resist such a vulnerable yet Almighty God?!

Hare Krishna

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