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Friday, December 12, 2008

How Lord Jesus prevailed?

Let us Preach to Please Krishna and for that we have to become purified, our senses should be purified, our mind should be free from false ego, our active organs should be free from lust, and desire for recognition. When our consciousness is fixed on Krishna, mind fixed on Krishna, and free from false-prestige when we speak about Krishna even if unsophisticated from a philosophical or practical standpoint, Krishna will be pleased. Ultimately this type of preaching will please Krishna. If this is our purpose, then purification is our primary purpose and true preaching is simply a natural byproduct of our purification. Therefore, on the juncture of a new year, to my fellow bloggers and all the Krishna aspirants out there, we should take a vow, an austerity, to take this process of internal purification sincerely for the pleasure of the Lord. This is our true calling, an opporunity the Lord has granted us, to show Him we are not messing around here but are actually serious in our journey back to Godhead by simply reqlinquishing our desire for recognition and fasle prestige. Then, we will actually open the lid and taste the honey of Krishna Con.

Please read below Srila Prabhupada's quote.

Eternal Inspiration for those who give the message of pure bhakti to others

Pradyumna: "What if people don't want to hear our message?"

Srila Prabhupada: People might not understand our message, but Krsna will be pleased, and that is our mission. They thought Jesus Christ's mission was stopped. They killed him. But his mission was attained. He preached three years only, but so many followers. He pleased Krsna. We must not be disappointed that no one is hearing Krsna consciousness. We will say it to the moon and stars and all directions. We will cry in the wilderness,"Serve Krsna, worship Krsna!" Because Krsna is everywhere, He will hear us.We want to get a certificate from Krsna that "This man has done something for Me." Not popularity. If a pack of asses says you are good, what is that? We have to please Krsna's senses with purified senses."

Hare Krishna

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