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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Medium of sound

It is 11.45am here and the sun is shining bright in the sky brightening up the already existing snow on the ground. What’s wrong with this picture? Well…not so fast we are predicted to get an ice storm in 4 hours.

The weather media in the past couple of days has already created such a frenzy that schools are already closing, and people already leaving home early even before the storm is here. People and the institutions are already in hyper-mode in expectance of the storm. So, whether the storm actually creates a problem or not is a moot point but we are already mentally conditioned to believe the storm will create havoc…thanks to the weather media for creating a hyper-situation. It is not wrong to be well prepared before a potential dangerous storm but people already believe that the storm will cause havoc. In other words, our mind has already been coded with the idea that the storm will actually be bad and hence even if the storm outcome is mediocre…still we will speak from habituated memory versus the facts.

This is the power of sound. Sound when repeatedly said can either spoil or enlighten the mind. Hence in the Vedic scriptures, the power of sound has been stressed in more places than one. Mantra chanting, listening from a bonafide guru and reading aloud are recommendations given so the mind is filled with transcendental subject matter and this medium of sound will facilitate our transition to the spiritual world.

Therefore the secret to always remembering Krishna and never forgeting Him is by always attentively listening to sound waves filled with Krishna and his pastimes from the lips of a pure devotee!

Hare Krishna

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