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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Approaching Ayodhya

I have not been following the verdict on Ayodhya temple and Babur mosque issue in the land of Ayodhya, India. The verdict on the Ayodhya issue I believe is today. I am not aware of the full details that encircle the political problem and the current verdict. I have read and heard sentiments being hurt on both sides. Surely, this is a sensitive and sentimental affair.

I remember when I was in high school, the demolition of the Babur mosque took place and as a result there were huge riots with people killing each other. It was party time for politicians who instigate such violent acts in the name of “dharma” or protecting religion. Since then, the Hindu-Muslim divide has only gotten deeper. The mainstream Hindus accept Ayodhya as an iconic and sacred symbol representing their values, culture and heritage. The mainstream Muslims argue the same, thus the ill feelings between both parties.

Ayodhya is not a material idea. By material, I mean, it is not bound by time and geography. It is not represented by brick and mortar. When we argue over brick and mortar, we bring Ayodhya to the mundane plane thus defiling and spoiling its purity. Gold is gold regardless of dirt covering it. Whether there is a mosque or shopping mall, Ayodhya retains its significance as a sacred symbol because Ayodhya is spiritual not constricted by material elements. After all, this body we are occupying will also be demolished one day. Does that mean we cease to exist? Just because the temple was demolished and now a mosque built, does it mean Ram or His Ayodhya Dham does not exist? The external representation made of material elements will eventually fade away with time. This is the law of nature and desired by Lord Ram Himself. Why are we lamenting and fighting over destruction of brick and mortar? Therefore, instead of fighting over the deteriorating body (temple) made of material elements, we should worry about reviving our original Ram Consciousness by chanting His Holy Names. This is the will of Sri Ram.

Today, however, the Hindus who claim to follow Sri Ram and protect Ayodhya are not able to distinguish material from spiritual. As a result they feel pain to see a temple being demolished. They think that their religion is blasphemed due to the presence of Muslims. This type of material sentiment is the reason we have killings in the name of “religion”. Unfortunately, this so-called religious sentiment is anything but spiritual or pure.

Lord Sri Ram is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is Sat Chit Ananda. His abode, paraphernalia and His devotees are all Sat Chit and Ananda. He is seated in everyone’s heart as the Supersoul or Paramatma. He knows each and every individual’s motivation and desires. No one can cheat Him or flatter Him. He is beyond the dualities of this world. Along with Sri Ram accompanies His eternal consort, abode and pastimes and that includes Ayodhya Dham. The Dham of Ayodhya can be realized within everyone’s heart provided we are ready to surrender to the will of Lord Ram. When Mother Sita was kidnapped by Ravan, Lord Ram went in search of Sita. Lord Ram fought the war as a last resort as Ravan was adamant and demoniac. Even during the war when Lord Ram was about to kill Ravan, Ram gave a last chance to Ravan by awarding one day respite. However, Ravan was too foolish to surrender to the will of Ram. The message is that we can fight like Ram or Arjuna only if we are completely on the transcendental platform devoid of false-ego. Otherwise, we have to take the humble position and tolerate the dualities of life.

If Hindus are really and genuinely following their dharma, then they should approach Ayodhya in the mood of Sat Chit and Ananda. They should approach Ayodhya as tiny little jivatmas (atomic spirit) in utter dependence on Sri Ram (Paramatma). They should approach Ayodhya with a desire to give up bodily designations that give rise to lust, greed, anger, pride, illusion and envy and serve Sri Ram in complete devotion just like Lord Hanuman. One who is on this transcendental platform are only qualified to fight.

The true temple of Ayodhya and the dham of Ayodhya are eternal and visible to the eyes of the pure devotees of the Lord who are eternally situated at the Lotus Feet of Ram and serving Him in pure love and devotion. For such pure souls, they see Ayodhya everywhere and in everything. They are never separated from Ayodhya.

If Hindus are really and truly Ayodhya conscious, then the correct method of approaching the Ayodhya issue is not by fighting for it externally by restoring bricks and mortar but fighting for it internally by cultivating bhakti with determination. By desiring to control the mind and senses and execute the will of Ram in Bhakti, in doing so, they will never be separated from Ayodhya whether it is a mosque or even the destruction of one’s own material body.

Hare Krishna

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