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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

True knowledge and falsifiable truths

Falsification or falsifiability is a theory popularized by Karl Popper. The theory fundamentally asserts that it is logically possible that a statement or theory can be shown false through observation or experiment. In other words, what it means is that if an idea or theory is indeed false, then that falsehood should be demonstrated. Till then, Popper concludes, the particular idea is considered scientifically valid.

This theory broadly falls under the inductive methods of modern testing upon which the entire field of modern science rests. It removes metaphysical aspects of science and keeps it purely physical. Unfortunately, a pure physical approach is dependent upon on machines and our ability to collect data both of which limits true knowledge. Therefore, religious statements or spiritual ideas are not considered scientific because if it is indeed false, then how will I demonstrate it? In a nutshell, this is the theory of falsifiability.

The theory is in existence because as humans we are limited in our abilities to know the truth in its entirety. Limited knowledge can result in false theories. Falsification accounts for this falsehood. Implied in this is that knowledge from a finite source is inherently filled with mistakes or considered “false”. To flip this statement, knowledge from an infinite source is not false or perfect.

Krishna is considered the One Supreme Being who is Perfect thus making Him infinite. The Bhagavad Gita was spoken by Krishna and thus perfect. The million dollar question, then becomes, how do I know if Krishna is Perfect?

Serious seekers of truth, at this point, transcend material science & religion to spiritual science & religion based on the unseen and unheard. At this point, knowledge is not “studied externally” but “revealed internally”. A serious student, following the guidance of expert master will question his internal consciousness in relation to external experiences. Constant questioning coupled with determined practice is the struggle the seeker has to patiently endure under all circumstances. This struggle for the truth will reveal in time the answer about perfect knowledge versus imperfect. At this point the seeker would have “no doubts” in his vision of the truth.

“True” knowledge away from falsifiable truths can be gained only if one has unflinching faith, constant practice and perseverance. The million dollar question that Krishna is the only Perfect Supreme Being will be revealed in time.

Hare Krishna

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