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Friday, July 15, 2011

God – absent or present?

God is absent – at least that is the common realization of majority of the people of today including people who profess to follow any religion. Religious people diligently go to church or mosque or temple and do their routine, come back home and live a life as if nothing matters. Thinking about it deeply, religion has become a series of routines we follow. How can we know or see God simply by going through the motions?

Rather, I say, it is better to be an agnostic and wonder about the creation. Look around and gasp in wonder on how things are so perfectly arranged. How life thrives in every nook and corner of the planet. How beautiful the sun rises and shines upon the myriad mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, forests and all of its life forms. The beauty of our planet in itself is worthy to question the existence of a creator. How can things be so perfect and beautiful? With these amazing thoughts one can sit in the comfort of one’s living room and simply meditate on the possible creator of this wonderful creation? One can simply ask to oneself “who must have created such a wonderful piece of art with all its flora and fauna thriving and coexisting at the same time?” Thus glorifying Mother Nature, we can question the concept of a creator?

The genuine inquisitiveness questioning the existence of a creator and appreciation of Mother Nature is far more powerful than going through the so called religious routine of the believers. When we question to ourselves and seek with a genuine desire to know if there is a creator, the creator Himself causelessly will present Himself that best suits our intelligence.

This is the beginning of the revival of our lost relationship with God. We do not need rituals and institutions to teach us the greatness of God. Simply all that is required is a genuine and humble appreciation for His creation and an aptitude for learning with an open mind – then God becomes present and not absent.

Hare Krishna

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