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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why is Srila Prabhupada special?

Why is Srila Prabhupada special, at least to me?

Prabhupada is famous for his literary works, his trips around the world and the worldwide movement he initiated and is running. If we look at history and its myriad great personalities, there are many who are famous for their literature and famous for trips around the world. In the spiritual lineage there are many spiritual masters giving Krishna in different capacities. So why then is Prabhupada so special?

To me, Srila Prabhupada is the epitome of compassion. As the Founder Acharya of a worldwide movement, he may have accomplished many things; however the singular point that differentiates Prabhupada from others is his immense compassion to the fallen souls of this world. I have not seen or come across any with such compassion to somehow help others in need.

It is true that he decided to come to the west because of his spiritual master. However, Srila Prabhupada endeavored so hard despite repeated failures because he was motivated by compassion. He could have come to the west and left having tried to fulfill his spiritual master’s words but he chose to continue seeing the plight of the modern world. In his ripe old age, he travelled, wrote books, opened centers and managed neophyte disciples just so people benefit and not suffer forever. This desire that everyone should be happy free from suffering makes Srila Prabhupada who he is. It is this compassion that sets him apart and puts him in a high pedestal than other teachers of Vedanta.

I have not seen anyone or heard of anyone who genuinely shed tears for the fallen souls of this world without any expectations. This one statement sums it all up Srila Prabhupada writes in his book that if at least one person becomes a pure devotee of the Lord, he would have considered his mission successful. For this one devotee, Prabhupada crossed oceans risking his life and endured lot of hardships…such was his compassion!

To such a magnanimous and compassionate soul, I offer my respectful obeisance.

Hare Krishna.

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