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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lord Narasimha Bhagavan’s mercy

Following is a true incident that recently occurred in a life of a devotee couple.

Recently we had gone through a real nightmare which I would like to share with all of you as it is still fresh in my memory. On 29th May 2011, my wife who was at the 7 month of her pregnancy was hospitalized. At 2 am she had severe bleeding and I had to drive her to the hospital, which was 60 miles away in a neighboring country. Imagine driving someone for 1.5 hours that too at any point this person could bleed to death, but my wife insisted that she should be dropped at this private hospital and not at any other hospital. For sure, Paramatma guided her the best direction as it proved that it was the best hospital and most probably both she and the baby would have died if taken in other hospitals. Our beloved spiritual master H H Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj always says, "Krishna works in miraculous ways."

My wife told me later that she was convinced that she was going to die and she accepted this fact also, as one of the Western astrologer had told her long time back, that it is possible that she will die during operation. While driving as well as in the hospital, until the moment of operation, my wife constantly offered prayers to Lord Nrsimhadev. When we reached the hospital the doctor examined the baby and noticed that the heart beat of the baby has almost stopped and he immediately asked for preparation for surgical intervention. Somehow again by Krishna's mercy, I was watching the heart beat in the monitor. I noticed that the beat was coming back, in a very sober state. I told the doctor (who was in panic), "Please wait. Don't take them to surgery. I saw the heart beat was coming back." I don't know how this is possible (must be the Paramatma in doctor's heart). Interestingly, the doctor listened to my advice and he said, "Ok. We will wait; but monitor her heart beat for 24 hours and so it happened that these 24 hours were like Lord's blessing time, to prepare the baby for premature delivery, to stabilize her breathing etc. Next day at 4am the bleeding started profusely again. The baby's heart beat again became unstable. This time, my wife told the doctor, "It is time to take me to the surgery room." She called me and said, "I am going to be operated." I remember driving to the hospital at 4am and I prayed so intensely to the Lord, as never before in my life.

After the operation my wife told me something amazing. She told me that just before they gave her the sleeping shot at the operation table, she also prayed very sincerely and intensely to the Lord Nrsimhadev. She told me, "At that time, I fully concentrated my mind on the prayers, so much so that I forgot everything - home, my 3 year old daughter, baby, you. I saw death coming and I just concentrated my thought on the Lord. When I felt asleep I noticed that I left my body and I saw a brightest light I have never ever seen in my life. Out of that light Lord Nrsimhadev appeared. Pointing at my dead body full of blood He told me, "Do you see what has remained from your material life?" I looked at my dead body and understood what the Lord was saying. I told, 'My Lord I am ready to die and You do as you like; But please accept my request. I feel I am not pure enough and I have left my young daughter at home.' After few moments of silence, Lord Nrsimhadev with most blissful smile told me, "I will give you a second chance." and disappeared together with this great radiance."

Next day the whole medical staff came to see her in disbelief. Many senior doctors were surprised to see them alive and told her, "99% of the patients die in your condition!" But they did not know that Lord Nrsimhadev wanted them to live.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
All glories to Lord Narasimha Bhagavan!!

Hare Krishna

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