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Saturday, December 1, 2007

we are das das ANU das

I guess this is what it means when Srila Prabhupada says the living entity is infitesimal. A pictorial representation of our insiginficant position. Hare Krishna!


murugesan said...

Dear Mappillai,
Hare Krishna! This particular Blog is an eye opener to me in identifying my self, where iam in the universe.Hope evry one who see the pictures understood their position in this material world.Sri Prabhupada's message is wonderfully picturised to understand ourselves.
All the best for your service as servant of the servant.
Hari Bol.Chander uncle

ananda said...

Hare Krishna

Thanks uncle for your encouragement and support. None of this is possible without the blessings of elders like yourself.

Hope you are doing well spiritually and otherwise

Hare krishna

Anonymous said...

Such a creative way to show how a jiva is a spec on the Universe!

Haribol ~

That still does not justify dasa dasanudAsa, as it should then be servant of servant of servant of servant of servant of ..... (50) of servant of .... (million) ...

it would make me the zillionth servant of the trillionth servant of the Lord truly speaking which defeats the purpose.