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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Best use of free will

In an earlier post, I discussed about free will and predestination. In that I mentioned about the forces of nature and how it is practically difficult to overcome the temptations and urges of material nature. Even if we have a strong desire to do something but our circumstance and environment and association is otherwise, there are more chances to be led astray. We will do something we will regret. This feeling of regret is there because internally our original desire was to not do the thing we end up doing. So there are forces of nature always acting to influence our free will and that force is strong beyond human capabilities. Therefore we should be careful when we judge people. Anyways that is perhaps a different post.

We have to train ourselves to use our intelligence to depend on Krishna. Below is a brief conversation by Srila Prabhupada on how to practically use our free will - in other words - depend on Krishna. Next time when we are faced with problems such as coworker problems or disease or money problems or job insecurity or spouse problem etc etc...let us try to simply focus all our energy meditating on Krishna and His form and submit our case to Him in humility and in that mood conduct our duties (not attaching to the result). Please read conversation.

He (Prabhupada) explained that the real problem is that people are not following Krishna ’s instructions properly. If one practically surrenders to Krishna , He makes everything successful.

Practical”, he (Prabhupada) said, “means it will be done by Krishna . Your only business is to surrender to Krishna . You cannot do anything. And as soon as you think, ‘I shall be able to do it,’ then you are a rascal. Immediately you are rascal.”

“So only a fully surrendered soul can do everything perfectly?” Harikesa asked.

Prabhupada answered, “He cannot do anything. Everything is to be done by Krishna . But he has to apply his intelligence by Krishna consciousness. Even if he is intelligent, he cannot do anything.”

Harikesa added, “Except surrender.”

“Yes. He can surrender, and Krishna will do everything. You have to act very sincerely under the direction of Krishna , and then the war will be successful, as Arjuna did.”

- A Transcendental Diary (Vol 1,Ch 2, Pg 44) by Hari Sauri Das

In essence, we can only do one thing, use our free will and intelligence to surrender to Krishna under all circumstances (good and bad) and do our duty. We have to have faith that whatever transpires as a result of that duty & situation is Krishna's desire and be satisfied with that.

Hare Krishna

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