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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Book distribution 2011- III

I would say today was my best day in terms of the amount of books distributed and money collected. I collected more than $35 and distributed more around 10-15 books (not exactly sure how many). I may have knocked on at least 125 doors of which I could convince say 10 people to take the book. I met a whole variety of folks. I must say the residents of the buildings were probably of low-income category or perhaps less affluent is more apt. Most of the houses had dogs and I have fear of dogs. Although the dogs were not on leash, the owners were always careful to not allow the dogs in front.

I have said this in my previous posts, and I say again that most of the residents practice Christian faith and most likely not interested in Krishna Consciousness. So I started to talk to them about Jesus and that chanting Jesus Christ's names would benefit them spiritually. I made sure this is not a sectarian concept of religion. I met a muslim girl from Pakistan who donated money generously but was absolutely adamant to not accept the books. Somehow I requested her to accept the Beyond Illusion and Doubt book which was purely an interpretation on western philosophy. She reluctantly accepted it.

Anyways, I met many people but unfortunately my memory escapes me. I do remember one funny incident. I was distributing a book to an elderly African American lady. As I was explaining the philosophy, the sister of the lady came into the living room and she saw me. The lady to whom I was talking introduced me to her and turned and pointed to her sister the book and said this is Krishna. The sister looked at me with exasperation in her breath and loudly said "Krishna?"...and she nodded her head in disapproval on hearing Krishna and went back her into the room. I didn't know what to say and the lady who was talking to me said its ok. The lady gave me a nice donation and I left. It is interesting to see the impressions people have on other religions and especially Krishna.

Overall however, I would say the majority response was either a big fat no and some seemed recipient to spiritual life. I distributed all the books I carried but one book. After about 2 hours, I became tired and was getting dark, figured I will return. With that, I went back to my office and then to my house.

I have to say I am little pessimistic in terms of anything sustainable coming out of book distribution especially where I live because people are either religious or very materialistic. It is very hard for me to convince them in like 60 secs to take a book and at the same time perhaps read it and email me. Unless I meet someone who is also seeking spiritual knowledge and who is not attached to any current form religious system, then may be I will have chance to make an impression and make something sustainable out of it. For now, I pray Krishna to give me desire to distribute and also pray Krishna to send me the interested person.

We will never know! This unknown gives some hope!

Hare Krishna

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