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Friday, December 23, 2011

Book Distrubution 2011 - II

I went door knocking again today. It was relatively a quiet day.  I met few folks and distributed some books. I met a guy who knew about the Hare Krishnas. I gave him a book and he accepted it although he did not offer any donations. Then I met an inquisitive individual who asked many questions. Sadly though, after like 15 mins of explaining the philosophy he just took a brochure from me. I suspect he was a christian trying to be polite with me.

The highlight was I met a Catholic Christian who to my surprise had a very Krishna conscious mind set. In the beginning, she said I know I am not this body and mind and I am soul. She said how God is Supremely good and hence all of His creation also has His goodness. She believes that every individual finds his path towards God and that has their own realizations, so who are we to judge that? As humans she agreed that we have limited capacity to understand God's creation. She said that America is worshipping materialism and not God.

She also said, which I find interesting is, that Catholicism is the "fullest" form of religion than other paths. Its funny how every religious person thinks the same of their path. I went to a Masjid (mosque) last sunday to see if I could distribute any books, and the person I was conversing with was a devout muslim and he also said the same thing about Islam and Allah. As the Catholic lady was saying about the fullness of her religion, I thought the same about Krishna Consciousness. I guess we need that impetus to be attached to our own paths.

Anyways, the Catholic lady talked about other points that had spiritual (and not religious) connotation and I took leave expressing my pleasure to have met her. Honestly, I have been here for 8 years now and have not met an open minded Christian. Sorry if I offend any Christian, this however has been my experience so far. Either they are materialistic or too literal about the Bible to accept any other path as valid. This woman was a welcome exception and she gladly donated me her entire piggy bank which had a dollar and some chump change. Knocked on few other doors and drove back to my house.

I am hoping someone will be interested to discuss further about Krishna!

Hare Krishna

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