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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Book Distribution 2011 - IV

I went door knocking today although I will admit I was on an all-time low with my mind battling to muster the enthusiasm to distribute. I made a cold call to a person whom I thought would be interested in Krishna consciousness this afternoon, anyways the call did not go as per plan and to be honest I got a little hung up on that. My mind was thinking about that. Anyways the highlight of todays distribution is I distributed Bhagavad Gita flyers and cards. I also distributed Higher Taste recipe book which I found people very eager to take versus the regular books. After few more books (although not much donation) I went home.

In addition to knocking on doors, this time I also placed books in shops. Actually I believe the smart box can distribute more books than me door knocking. So I placed two smart boxes in cafetarias. In my estimation, in one or two weeks the books are distributed. So I ordered small books and placed them in smart boxes. I am thinking of putting these smart boxes in more shops...lets see how that goes.

One other reason I am writing my experience of book distribution is to document my attempts so when I look back I can see how much effort was put in and what I can do better. Documenting is a crucial aspect of story telling. People like to hear stories and be inspired. I may not document all my book distribution efforts but hoping that if I do continue book distribution regularly then I may document it periodically.

So far I would say If you are a type of person who likes to meet new people, then book distribution is for you. You may not distribute books but just meeting new people in my opinion is exciting. When I say meet I mean the chance to have a discussion with new people. The person may not be interested in the books but by connecting with the person one can actually have an impact.

With that, I would also say this would be my last post for the year. I wish all my readers (although not sure if there are loyal readers) a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012.

I hope and pray your New Year starts on a good note and continue that way and perhaps you go one step closer towards Krishna!

Hare Krishna

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